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- Our life is full of Spiritual manifestations that transcend our material body and brain.


- Evolution does not exclude the concept of a Creator who launched the process. 

- It is true most of our activity is unconscious but when a decision is to be made the physiology of the brain allows for a conscious decision which determines if it will let the physiology act or to Veto an action; and by doing so we are endowed with Free Will. 

- The Vito capacity of an action or thought is likely due to the evolutionary process and development of the Frontal Cortex in Humans, and not as developed in other species which act on an instinctual basis. 

- Consciousness is a part of humans that has been attempted to be answered as a byproduct of our Neurophysiology, however, its nature is nonmaterial and speaks of our Spiritual nature. 

- Affection and love is nonmaterial energy which as per the first law of Thermodynamics cannot be destroyed and therefore transcends death and continues thereafter. 

- There is a big difference between religion and spirituality. The negative aspects of religious institutions throughout history should not be a reason to depart from the main principles of love to yourself and your neighbor. We all have in common that seed of goodness and kindness which comes from our innate spiritual nature and connection with the Creator.

- Questions about the origin of life and the origin of the universe are not falsifiable by the Scientific method and are therefore a matter of faith, in the same way that the belief in a Creator is a matter of faith. 

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